Esther was most recently the Representative for Malawi to the United Nations appointed by the President of Malawi, Joyce Banda. She resigned after hearing of the demands of her people and meeting with the President of Malawi. They urged that she return to Malawi and run for the Nsanje-North Parliament seat, a position that she has previously held.

Esther was previously the Nsanje-North Parliament Member for 5 years. She was asked to run by seasoned male Parliament Members from her area who wanted to have a female role model for the women and girls. In the more rural parts of Malawi, girls are not encouraged to finish school and most drop out before completing primary school. They wanted to show them a woman who could encourage them to realize that if a girl is educated, they can obtain any position that a male can.

Esther gained much respect by her Parliament peers and was elected by them as the First Deputy Speaker of Malawi National Assembly, a huge step for a new Member of Parliament. During her term she initiated various developmental projects in the area such as irrigation farming, school building, computer for schools and teacher housing in Nsanje-North.

Prior to her life in the political world, Esther spent over 15 years in education. She was a teacher in primary schools, secondary school teacher, Deputy Head of Languages Department, and also a Primary Education Adviser, the US equivalent of a Principal and Superintendent roles. With her expansive experience in the education sector, Esther is well equipped to improve the rural villages’ education system with the help of donors and volunteers.

Esther constantly strives to broaden her knowledge base and skills. She has earned the US equivalents of an Associate’s Degree in Teaching, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, and most recently a Bachelor’s of Science in Agricultural Education. Many people believe that Esther’s ambition will inspire young girls to continue and complete their educations.

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